Seed Quality

MRC Seeds ensures that cotton and pigeon pea seed produced by the company are checked for germination, physical purity, moisture content and vigor before packing to provide optimal seed quality. The quality control department also performs ‘grow out test’ to ensure that all seed (Cotton & Pigeon peas) lots are of highest genetic purity to maximize germination and yields.

cotton-seedsThe quality of seed is important to ensure that seed varieties can exhibit their genetic potential. Ensuring high quality of seed is a very complex characteristic and may be influenced by several agronomic practices, environmental conditions, and processing techniques.

The in-house seed quality control system consists of qualified and trained technical staff for evaluating the quality of cotton seeds & pigeon pea seeds during production at the field stage and also at the time of processing, testing, packing, and storage.

Seeds that are uniform in size, viable, free from weed seeds, seed-borne diseases, pathogens, or other inert matter are chosen for the marketplace.

The cotton seed and pigeon pea samples are also subjected to varietal purity evaluation in the farm. Specially trained seed quality control staff are employed for evaluating the genetic purity in the grow out test farm.