Seed Production

MRC Seeds Company emphasizes on seed production to produces high quality, high yielding seeds at its production centers and special care is taken to ensure top quality seeds that are true to name and that are healthy and viable for planting. Seeds which are of highest germination capacity are only selected.

seed production

Adequate isolation distances are maintained for each crop variety to prevent contamination by natural crossing or mechanical mixtures to ensure purity of seeds. Roguing of fields is done before flowering to avoid contamination in seed production by removing off-types. Seed varieties are also tested for by ‘grow out test’ ¬†for genetic purity to make certain that the seed variety is being maintained in their true form.

Superior quality seeds are chosen so that they give better germination and reduce the need for replanting. Our seeds lead to a uniform plant stand and make harvesting easier. The superior seed production techniques lead to vigorous early plant growth which helps the plant to compete better with weeds and resist pest and diseases.

The seed production of cotton seed and pigeon pea seeds is managed by professional Geneticists and Agriculturists to provide you the utmost seed to ensure a good crop.