Cotton Seed Varieties

MRC Seeds, is a specialist in cotton seed varieties. The company uses its resources and expertise to develop and improvise cotton varieties for commercial cotton growers. These varieties of cotton seeds are more suitable for diverse climatic conditions and have a higher tolerance to aphids, jassids and cotton boll worms. These varieties are non-GMO and are not genetically modified.

List of Cotton Seed Varieties

Cotton Variety Suitability Pest Tolerance Boll Weight Span Length Ginning % Easy Picking Crop Duration
Rajhans Irrigated/Dryland Medium Big size 5-6 g 30 to 32 mm 36 to 38 % Yes 145-155 days
Buranda Irrigated/Dryland Medium Medium size 4-5 g 28 to 30 mm 36 to 37 % Yes 145-155 days
MRC 270 Irrigated High Medium size 4-5 g 27 to 28 mm 36 to 37 % Yes 145-150 days
MRC 5156 Irrigated High Big size 5-6 g 27 to 28 mm 35 to 37 % Yes 145-150 days

g = gram

The above cotton seed varieties under proper weed management, pest control and farm management practices give high yields.

Yields in Irrigated Conditions: 1500 to 2000 kg per hectare*.
Yields in Non-Irrigated Conditions: 700 to 1200 kg per hectare*.


*In no event shall MRC Seeds be liable for the crop or lack thereof, or for any loss due to negligence, or the failure, impairment, or quality of the crop or varietal variance therein, whether such loss results from the breach of the foregoing warranty, from breach of any other provision of the buyer’s contract for the purchase of said seeds or other merchandise, or from any other cause.
MRC Seeds makes no other warranty either express or implied as to fitness for a particular purpose of seed or other merchandise sold.