Organic Cotton

The basic idea of organic farming is aimed at conservation and optimum utilization of all natural resources for decent profitability maintaining sustainability of the farm. A sense of thoughtful act to reduce the utilization of resources with minimal damage to the earth is the essence of organic farming.

Organic farming of cotton has grown in USA, Mexico, India, China, USA, Egypt and several other countries. It is heartening to note the increase in the adoption of non-chemical and natural farming.
Rajhans 1, Buranda 1, Chandan and Kundan bred and produced by MRC Seeds are non-GMO, untreated and particularly suitable for organic farming. This is particularly possible due to the high tolerance to bollworms and diseases. Also added is the fact that MRC Seeds varieties are highly adaptable to a wide range of climatic conditions and gives a fair yield irrespective of the of the season.

organic cotton

As a result of an indiscriminate and heavy use of harmful pesticides for cotton pests, the resistance of insects against these toxic chemicals boosted and thereby compelled a further increase in the use of insecticidal sprays, creating a vicious cycle and escalating the cost of cultivation. Organic farming will definitely help in reversing this trend and preventing further damage to the environment.

MRC Seeds is a cotton seed specialist and uses its vast germplasm and domain knowledge to breed cottonĀ seed varieties for cotton growers. These cotton varieties are bred to suit a varied and diverse climatic conditions. These seed varieties have greater tolerance to bollworms, miners, jassids and aphids and are well suited for organic cotton farming.