Pigeon Pea seeds

Grow pigeon peas in your farm or garden from pigeon pea seeds. Pigeon peas are remarkably hardy and grow in mild temperate to hot arid conditions. It can survive with very little water. Pigeon peas will grow in all types of soil. It improves soil fertility by fixing atmospheric Nitrogen. It can be eaten as a tasty green vegetable or used for lentils. It is an excellent chicken feed. Pigeon pea is grown as a sole crop or often intercropped with corn, pulses and cotton. When inter-cropped, it benefits from the fertilizer program for the crop; while the crop benefits from nitrogen fixation by pigeon pea.

Pigeon Pea seed for farms: 4-5 kg (9-12 lbs) per acre at spacing of 90cm x 20cm
Pigeon Pea seed for gardens: 50 to 100 seeds for 5ft X 5ft (25 sq ft) area

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Pigeon pea  – CAJANO VARIETY

pigeon pea seeds variety

Nutritious high-protein peas, 4-5 ft tall shrub, Pods with 4-5 peas in clusters. Maturity in 150-160 days. 25 seeds packet for USD$12.75




Pigeon pea  – KRANTI VARIETY

pigeon pea seeds packet

High-protein nutritious peas, 5-6 ft tall shrub, Pods in clusters with 4-5 peas, Matures in 160-170 days. 100 seeds packet for USD$14.75





pigeon pea seeds crop

Nutritious high protein Pigeon peas. 5-6 ft tall indeterminate shrub, Pods with 3-5 peas in clusters, 50% flowering in 60 days, Maturity in 85-100 days. Nitrogen Fixer, Chicken feed, high protein peas and lentil. Also used as green manuring plant and windbreak. 50 seed pigeon pea packet for USD$9.75




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